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The Baltimore Street Care Home is owned and operated by Cynthia and Martin Eddington. Together they live at the memory care home and bring in additional licensed caregivers when needed.

Cynthia graduated from Southwestern University of the Philippines with a degree in “Doctor of Medicine”. This knowledge has proven to be quite helpful in the care business and has contributed greatly to our ability to offer quality professional care to our residents.

Putting “The Home” Into Memory Care Homes

The treatment that patients receive for memory care is not just dependent on the medications or the doctor’s training, but is crucially based on the environment that the care facility creates. It has been shown that improving the environment in memory care facilities, the memory care patients experience far better results. A 2003 study published in The Gerontologistin found that they best results in memory care were a combination of medicinal, behavioral and environmental factors.

After a lot of investigation it was found that creating an environment similar to “home environment” is best for memory care facilities. In the past, memory care facilities have resembled hospitals with nursing stations and sterile white walls. The new movement is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in order to relax the memory care patients. Because of the brain’s ability to triangulate itself into an environment it is important for memory care residents to be able to “sense” the home atmosphere with all of their senses. Read the interview below to see how Martin Eddington, owner and operator of Baltimore Street Care Home ensures they are offering the best home-like environment for their memory care residents.

Environment as Medicine

Environment plays a big role in caring for your loved one living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. This is what Martin Eddington of Baltimore Street Care Home said when asked,

How does the environment you’ve created help the people in your care specifically in regard to Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

“It’s the same faces, pretty much the same patient, same small controlled environment. Like I said, they’re not living in a building that has a hallway with 20 room on each side and your room number is 16 to your right. They live in a home. When you go open that door, you’re at home. That’s where the families are. The families of my residents feel that the large scale memory care facilities are to ‘Hospital Like’ for their loved ones and can’t possibly get the personal quality care of the smaller qualified home. They much rather have a home. Although others say they try to create ‘the home environment’ it’s pretty hard if they don’t live in a home.”

One of the numerous features at Baltimore Street Care Home is a garden that allows residents to sit and watch the birds as well as participate in gardening activities. In the article, ‘Best Practices for Designing Alzheimer’s Care Facilities,’ having a memory care facility with a garden is very beneficial to your loved one.

“Gardens, according to Zeisel, are crucial in helping dementia care residents feel less trapped and more attuned to the natural rhythms of day and night.”

Proof That Place Matters in Memory Care

Mr. Eddington was also asked about his philosophy and and some of the things that Baltimore Street Care Home does differently verses other memory care homes. His philosophy is backed up by an article about designing memory care facilities.

What is your philosophy on creating a positive environment for memory care?

“Home like environment. I find that the closer you get to home really is better and less stressful than putting them in one of the bigger ‘resort like’ care homes. When I was doing my research to see what all of the buzz words were for the other memory care facilities I found tall Pillars, expansive dining rooms, and large lounge areas. My typical resident would be completely overwhelmed in that type environment. We found that ‘Home Like’ environment tends to offer relaxation which in turn equals peace of mind, safety, and security. “

What are some things that you do differently to make memory care clients feel like they are home versus other care homes?

“First of all, it’s the same people. Two of us, my wife and I, so they see our faces all day long. We bring in caregivers as needed. They don’t have a large group of people which turns into a great confusion for them. We have the residence occupancy to give them hands on, one-on-one. What you will see when you go through our home will be a large number of pictures as well as a series of slow moving electronic pictures ranging from 32-60 inch screens. These electronic pictures have a constant Aquarium, Puppy Tales, Kitten Adventures, Flowers of the World, Scuba Diving, Old Cars, and much more. These are relaxation discs. You may possibly see a resident tackling a puzzle or one looking through their family album. Or maybe just watching birds through the window with some Big Band Swing Music playing in the background. You can rest assured that they will not be stressing.”

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