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Nothing is more stressful for adult children than facing the fact that it is time to consider a senior care home for a parent. It is a certain indication that life roles are changing. It is time to being caring for the parent who has cared for you throughout your life. This task is made even more difficult as you quickly learn that not all senior care homes are alike or offer the same services. But getting a basic understanding of the senior care home service levels can make the selection process easier.

The most common type of senior care home is the independent living community. This community might look like any other apartment complex in the neighborhood. But it caters to senior residents. There are often a variety of apartment sizes available. Most offer meal packages so you can determine what works best for your parent. In addition, there are numerous activities, outings and entertainment options that your parent can participate in. The daily care and medical service is minimal and most of the facilities are private pay and range from $1,500 a month on up. To get an accurate quote, contact Baltimore Street Care Home for the latest pricing information. The greatest benefits to these senior care homes is that they offer an opportunity for older adults to remain active and engaged with other seniors and the community.

Assisted living is the next step in senior care home facilities. It offers more services to the residents. In this type of senior care home, your parent would have assistance in basic needs. But it would not be as intensive as full care in a nursing home. The staff in these senior care homes are on site 24 hours a day so you can rest assure knowing that your parent always has someone near to offer assistance. And just like the independent living senior care home, these facilities offer social activities, outing and transportation around the community. Most of these senior care homes are private pay. But some do take Medicaid and the cost ranges from $2,500 to on up a month. Please contact Baltimore Street Care Home for the most up to date pricing.

The most inclusive care offered in a senior care homes like Baltimore Street Care Home would be around the clock skilled nursing care at a nursing home facility. Some facilities are short term residences used for rehab. Others are long term and designed to be full time medical care for seniors with multiple or complex medical conditions. All personal and medical care is provided in this senior care home environment as well as social activities to meet the needs and abilities of the residents. Medicare, Medicaid and private pay are accepted at these senior care homes. The cost can range from $4,000 on up per month.

Now that you have more information about the types of service and the different care levels, you can decide which senior care home meets your parent’s current needs and could also meet future needs. Planning ahead can reduce the chances of having to relocate your parent should their needs change in the future. They will be able to stay in familiar surroundings with friends and staff that they have come to know and are comfortable with. That will make both you and your loved one much happier.

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