I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My first experience with this care home was in 2006. My father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and had very little expected time. He was placed in hospice and we were given some options of care homes in the east valley that they recommended. We chose Baltimore based on the cleanliness and professionalism of this home, which came with many years of experience in the industry. Unfortunately my father was only able to be there eight days until the cancer took him. I never forgot, however, the beautiful flower garden, the board games being played outside his room by the assisted living residents and the food that was better than anything I cook. I noticed how they were friends to these residents, not just caregivers.

In November of 2016 my mother took a hard fall at home. Fortunately nothing was broken but we knew we needed to get her into a home that could help assist her with daily activities. I remembered Baltimore from the years back and luckily they had an opening at their home. My mother has been there ever since and I feel blessed that there was a place for her there when we needed it. They have left me with a great sense of peace that she is being properly taken care of and treated with respect. The home was exactly as I remembered it with all of the things my mom loves, with beautiful flowers on the patio, finch watching at their bird feeders, wonderful homemade food and a very clean environment. Most of all I do not view it as a “facility” but I think of it as Mom’s home and I know now she will be safe. Louise W. Gilbert, AZ