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When you begin to explore assisted living in Mesa Az. for your parents or for yourself, one of the first questions you might have is how to pay for the facility. Due to the difficult financial nature of the past decade, many aging Americans are worried that they will not be able to afford the care that they might need as they get older. This is why it is more important than ever to understand Medicaid’s assisted living benefits.

Medicaid is a plan that is funded jointly by the federal government and the state. The Federal Center for Medicaid Services controls the guidelines on how states must spend the Medicaid funds, but there is a great deal of variance that each state is allowed. So if you live in another state or your loved one does, you will want to verify the Arizona policy when researching assisted living in Mesa Az.

There are several ways that states can use their Medicaid funds including Home and Community Based Services Waivers, 1115 Waivers, 1950 waivers or Demonstration Waivers. One of the benefits of the waivers is that is allows the participant to have a larger income eligibility and still receive services. In general waivers allow a monthly income of $2,199 where the Medicaid State Plan requires income of $733 or less per month. Also, waivers are generally capped at a certain number of spots per state so there is normally a waiting list while the regular state plan is need based and has no limit on participants.

Forty six states are currently providing some level of financial assistance to residents in assisted living facilities. It is important to remember that there is no nationally agreed upon definition of assisted living so the meaning of the term can and does vary from state to state as do the benefits. Some states will provide benefits for personal care while others will also provide assistance for nursing care. No state is allowed to pay specifically for room and board at an assisted living facility but they have creative ways of offering assistance by capping fees that the facilities can charge and by offering supplemental assistance from the state’s general funds to Medicaid eligible residents.

Medicaid is not always the best assistance for someone entering assisted living in Mesa Az. The reimbursement rates are not very high and not all facilities will accept Medicaid as payment. In Arizona, the Arizona Long Term Care System will pay for services for residents in assisted living facilities or communities if there is space available in the program. If you are researching options to help to pay for the care needed by an elderly parent, another resource that might provide information and services is ElderCareLink. In addition, foundations which focus on certain issues such as Alzheimer’s care, adult daycare and home care offer hotlines to help you explore your options. Costs can vary greatly even in the same city so it is important to use any and all free resources to learn about assisted living in Mesa Az. and how you can pay for the needed services.

This is just a brief overview of Medicaid’s benefits relating to assisted living. During this turbulent time with our healthcare laws it is best to access your states Medicaid website and the Federal Government’s Medicaid website for the most up to date information.

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