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Assisted living facilities are very capable of handling the memory care assisted living needs of your loved one. In fact, Facilities like Baltimore Street Care Home are often much more qualified to handle the needs of Alzheimer’s patients than other assisted living facilities are, this is especially true if you are looking for individual care of your loved one in a safe, home-like environment. While other memory care facilities may not try to make your loved one feel at home while they are in the assisted living facility. These facilities are more like hotels unlike Baltimore Street Care Home. Martin Eddington has stated that “a home environment is so important for people in all stages of Alzheimer’s and many Alzheimer’s care facilities simply don’t pay enough attention to this aspect that our memory care assisted living facility specializes in.”

Although for very serious cases, a specialized Alzheimer’s care facility may be required for your loved one, in early stages of Alzheimer’s a memory care assisted living that feels familiar is a much better choice, and Baltimore Street Care Home is well equipped with all of the state of the art equipment of other Alzheimer’s care facilities as well as having a home like environment. Nursing homes usually have the hospital like vibe and may increase your loved one Anxiety and stress. Memory care assisted living is in most cases just the opposite and specialize in giving a familiar, less stressful environment for your loved one. Places like Baltimore Street Care Home takes the time to comfort each one of the people living in them and doesn’t make them feel like patients in the classic sense like in bigger Alzheimer’s care facilities.

Don’t take our word for it! Go visit a memory care assisted living facility yourself and compare what you see to other care facilities. Does the Alzheimer’s care facility seem much more like a home than the sterile hallways of other care facilities? Of course it does! Changes in assisted living were made because people were fed up with the impersonal and cold hospital like care that happens in these bigger memory care facilities. So memory care assisted living scratched the itch that you thought you had but got you so frustrated that you couldn’t find a solution for your loved one. When thinking about care facilities, a specialized one like Baltimore Street Care Home is by and far the best choice.

Above all else, Alzheimer’s assisted living offers a personal take on the care. The staff at memory care assisted living facilities gets to know every patient very well and they learn the individual personalities and needs of all of them, more than the any staff could at one of those big-box memory care facilities. Alzheimer’s assisted living personnel take great pride in providing a quality of care that is simply not found elsewhere in memory care facilities. We know you care about your loved one! So don’t hesitate but stop by today and see with your own eyes how different Baltimore Street Care Home is to other memory care facilities!

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